« The studio cannot be more than a base. You need to go out and search. Wash your eyes every day and look around. My sincerity is the only style I can afford… To paint according to ideas is like making love with a condom. Painting requires more love and sensibility than intelligence”.“I like the idea of 'first sight', the instant about to burst forth and instantaneity.

"Notes by the artist", September 10 1992


- Jean-Jacques Dournon was born in Paris in 1953.

- He studies at the Beaux-Arts school in Saint-Etienne and graduates from the French National Academy of Beaux-Arts in 1977. He obtains the Feneon Prize in 1979.

- In 1980, he is pensioner at the French Academy in Rome and he resides two years at the Villa Medicis (Prix de Rome).

- In 1986, he is nominated for the City of Paris scholarship at the Casa Velasquez in Madrid.

- In 1992, he obtains a prize in drawing from the Ile-de-France region.

- In 2000, he spends two months in South-Vietnam in partnership with A.F.A.A. and the Paris City Hall.

- In 2006, the Contemporary Art Museum in Seoul (South Corea) invites him for a three months artist residency.