DP n°950 Avant Nommer : l’Écriture la Trace le Dessin, hair and acrylic on canvas 130 x 195 cm august 2022, retail

"To paint for me is to live as close as possible to the transformation of elements, whatever they may be, without the notion of learning or knowing and accepting the enjoyment of novelty... to eliminate the superfluous and paint only what must being, human matter in the paint matter, together in the cool. »

DD n°3344 pencil, acrylic dry pastels and hair, 75 x 105 cm July 2019

Jean-Jacques Dournon is a French painter born in Paris in 1953.
After studying at the School of Fine Arts in Saint-Étienne, he won the Fénéon prize in 1979.
The following year he was appointed resident of the French Academy in Rome and spent 2 years at the Villa Medici.

In 1986, he spent 9 months in Madrid at the Casa de Vélasquez as a scholarship holder from the City of Paris.

In 2006, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Seoul invited him for a 3-month artist residency.

2010 marks a turning point in his work. Abandoning the motif, he approaches interior landscapes most often guided by current events in the world. In 2007, the first hair stuck on canvas appeared. A few years later, this organic component will be mixed with sawdust, dust, ashes to create a new material specific to the artist. From this magma of the Before Naming appear the shapes before the pattern, as if Dournon's work went back in time to the creation of the world.

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